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Get more from your influencers


Access true intelligence gleaned from our real-time AI data analysis to get the exact insights your hosts need to convert more sales during the stream


Our deep integration and customer-centric approach shortens the distance between consumer interest and final checkout

Why Terrific?

Efficiency at its best!

Witness a transformative impact on operations. Their system is highly recommended!

Lindsay L
Design Director at Connor

Game-changer alert!

Remarkable improvements achieved with their system. We highly recommend their services!"

Marcus B
Design Director at Shogun

Experience an incredible transformation!

Our operations have been revolutionized, delivering remarkable results. We can't recommend them enough!

Mary L
Design Director at Belfort

Where creativity meets productivity

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Reduce Costs and Resources

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New Design Possibilities

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Transparent pricing for you


Budget-friendly option offering essential features for individuals and Small businesses.

10 Live sessions per month
In-video checkout
Web integration
Event insights

Starting from $500


Advanced capabilities tailored for growing organizations.

Everything in Basic +

Unlimited Live sessions per month
Real-time data analysis
Easy outreach to your video viewers
Full event report

Starting from $1,000


Customized pricing for established companies with extensive needs.

Everything in Premium +

100% data ownership
Customer support with a dedicated supporter
Event insights
Fully customizable UI

Starting from $5,000

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